Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles

Snazzy Candles

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Smash Designz Candle Co creates handmade, hand poured, hand labeled candles made with 100% Natural Soy Wax, made in small batches to order so you are guarantees a fresh candle. Our 8 oz high quality tinplate containers burn on average of 35+ hours. Candles are approximately 2 3/4" diameter by 3 1/2" tall, and all come with a silver lid. Each candle comes with a vulgar/snazzy label. Please read the name of each scent, the label it comes with and the scent description. 

 The perfect gifts for weddings, showers, birthdays or just gifts in general!

My candles are intended to provide a pleasantly subtle fragrance for your home, rather than an overpowering aroma. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Features & details

  • Dimensions : 3.2" (Diameter) x 2.2" (Height)
  • 8 OZ
  • 35+ Burn hours 



  • Sugar & Spice - For Shits & Giggles. Infused with Oh For Fucks Sake. Sweet Vanilla Aroma.


  • Brawny Man - Men Like Fucking Candles too. Infused with Netflix & Chill Vibes. Pine & Woodsy Aroma.


  • Sprinkles & Confetti -My Love Is Like This Candle, Forget Me and I'll Burn this Bitch Up. Infused With Try Me.  Sweet Cake Aroma. 


  • All Berry Crunch-  Blue Balls. Infused with Sorry Not Sorry. Sweet Blueberry Aroma.


  • Fall Sunsets - I'm Classy AF. Infused with Bitch Please. Semi Sweet Nutmeg & Cinnamon Aroma.


  • Pineapple Bellini - Girl Fuck Them. Infused with You'll Thank Me Later. Sweet Citrus Pineapple Aroma. 


  • Orgasm Bellini - Your Uber's Outside. Infused with It Was Good, But You Gotta Go. Sweet Strawberry Aroma.


  • Melon Ball - A Fuckin Shit Show. Infused With What The Fuck. Sweet Fruit Aroma. 


  • Tangerine Cream -  I Need A Fucking Vacation. Infused With Too Bad I'm Broke AF. Sweet Orange Scent. 


  • Calgon - Girl Calm the Fuck Down. Infused with Get your Shit Together.  Refreshing Eucalyptus Aroma.


  • Lemon Mimosa - Day Drinking. Infused with I Refuse To Adult Today. Light Lemon Aroma


  • Spa Day - Refreshing As Fuck. Infused with Don't Kill My Vibe. Light Refreshing Aroma. 


  • Sunset Sangria - Brains, Beauty & Booty. Infused with But I'll Still Fuck You Up. Semi Sweet Berry Aroma. 


  • Melon Breeze - Fuck Mondays. Infused With I Need a Sugar Daddy. Light Refreshing Melon Aroma


  • Death of  a  Fireball -Is This Week Ever Going to Fucking End. Infused with Mid Week Binge Drinking. Strong Cinnamon Aroma. 


  • Summer Bonfire-  Fires, Sweat & Beards Infused With Late Night Hook Ups. Semi Sweet Hint of Smoky Aroma.