Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles
Snazzy Candles

Snazzy Candles

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Smash Designz Candle Co creates handmade, hand poured, hand labeled candles made with 100% Natural Soy Wax, made in small batches to order so you are guarantees a fresh candle. Please read the name of each scent below.

My candles are intended to provide a pleasantly subtle fragrance for your home, rather than an overpowering aroma. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Features & details 

  • 8 oz burn 35-40 hours


Snazzy - Lightly scented with funny phrases.

Snazzy Scents 8 oz

  • Covid Rage - For Shits & Giggles. Infused with Oh For Fucks Sake. Sweet Vanilla Spice Aroma.
  • Leave Me The Fuck Alone. Oh Look My last fuck and it’s on fire. Citrusy Sage Aroma. 
  • Summer Garden - Good Moms say bad words. Infused with who gives a fuck. Refreshing Lemon Aroma.
  • Sage & Chill - Im sorry you had to raise my siblings. Infused with its no secret I’m your favorite. Light Sage Aroma. 
  • Brawny Man - Men Like Fucking Candles too. Infused with Netflix & Chill Vibes. Pine & Woodsy Aroma.
  • Sweet Heat -My Love Is Like This Candle, Forget Me and I'll Burn this Bitch Up. Infused With Try Me.  Roasted Chestnut Aroma
  • Protection Spell- Because books don’t tell you they can be little assholes too. Refreshing Lavender Aroma. 

  • Fresh Start- It’s fine, everything is fine. Infused with this is fine. Refreshing Eucalyptus Aroma. 
  • Pineapple Bellini - Girl Fuck Them. Infused with You'll Thank Me Later. Sweet Citrus Pineapple Aroma. 
  • Orgasm Bellini - Your Uber's Outside. Infused with It Was Good, But You Gotta Go. Sweet Strawberry Aroma. 

  • Sunsets on the beach - A complete shit show, Infused with what in the actual fuck. Sweet Pineapple Aroma. 
  • Melon Ball Breeze- I Miss you. Smells like 6ft & Face mask. Sweet Fruit Aroma.  
  • Tangerine Cream -  I Need A Fucking Vacation. Infused With Too Bad I'm Broke AF. Sweet Orange Scent.  
  • Lemon Mimosa - Day Drinking. Infused with I Refuse To Adult Today. Light Lemon Aroma
  • Spa Day - Refreshing As Fuck. Infused with Don't Kill My Vibe. Light Refreshing Aroma. 
  • Sunset Sangria - Brains, Beauty & Booty. Infused with But I'll Still Fuck You Up. Semi Sweet Berry Aroma. 

  • Sunrises on the beach- Fuck Mondays. Infused With I Need a Sugar Daddy.  Sweet coconut aroma. 
  • Beards & Hooks ups-  Camping & Shit Infused with lions, tigers & bears oh my. Semi Sweet Spruce & Campfire Aroma.

    Snazzy Candles
    Snazzy Candles
    Snazzy Candles